General Information

The radio offers the following functions:

Radio Section

• PLL tuning with FM/AM/MW frequency bands
• RBDS (Radio Broadcast Data System)
• Automatic/manual station tuning
• FM Multipath detector
• Manual storing of 25 stations (base radio) and 40 stations (if equipped with Satellite): 15 on FM band (5 on FMA, 5 on FMB, 5 on FMC), 10 on AM band (5 on AMA, 5 on AMB), 15 on Satellite Band - if equipped (5 on SATA, 5 on SATB, 5 on SATC)
• SPEED VOLUME function: Customer selectable automatic volume adjustment depending on the car speed
• Automatic Stereo/Mono selection

CD Section

• Track selection (forward/backward)
• Fast forward/rewind through tracks
• CD Display function: display of track number and on mp3 discs (song title, artist) and time elapsed since start of the track
• Playing Audio CD, CD-R and CD-RW

On multimedia CDs, besides audio tracks, there are data tracks too. Playing WARNING!

On multimedia CDs, besides audio tracks, there are data tracks too. Playing this type of CD could cause hissing at a volume that could jeopardize road safety as well as causing damage to the final stages and the speakers.

CD/MP3 Section

• MP3-Info function (ID3-TAG)
• Folder selection (previous/next)
• Track selection (forward/backward)
• Fast forward/rewind through tracks
• MP3 Display function: display of folder name, ID3- TAG information, time elapsed since the start of the track, name of the file
• Playing audio or data CD, CD-R and CD-RW

Audio Section

• Mute/pause function
• Soft mute function
• Loudness function
• Graphic 7 band equalizer (if equipped)
• Separate bass/treble tone adjustment
• Right/left channel balancing
• Front/rear fader

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